Dr Soil Health Arecanut Special

Dr. Soil Health Arecanut Special

Higher percentage of Boron & Potash in Dr Soil Health Areca Special compared with normal Dr Soil Health will also assist to retain higher beans/ nuts by the plant by controlling their dropping besides cracking. Depending upon the opportunity, Dr Soil Health Areca Special drenching, drip irrigation and spray can be taken up. When the plant is short, drenching and spray both will be advised.

Application & Dosage

Suitable crop Arecanut
Organic/ Inorganic Organic
Composition All micronutrients and some beneficial microorganisms
Available form Liquid
Solubility in water Soluble
Method of application Drenching, spraying and drip
Drenching 5 litre for 500 litre of water
For Foliar Application 10 ml per litre of water
Broadcasting 50 kg of soil mixed with 5 kg of Dr. Soil Health
Unique feature Improves the growth of plants

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