Dr Soil Health

Dr. Soil Health

Dr soil health is suitable for most of all crops like coconut, banana, sugarcane, vegetables, coffee and other plantation crops, field crops and so on. Dr soil health has to be applied thrice in a year for better organic matter on the soil, results and subsequent higher levels of yield. The dosage has to be 1.5 can per acre and 1 can per acre for first time and subsequent times respectively. Higher dosage indicated during first time assuming that fertility of soil will be good with the ongoing chemical fertilizers application practices. It is advisable to apply thrice a year if it is perennial or annual crop. For better result, Dr Soil Health can be applied both to soil through drenching or drip irrigation and through foliar spray if crop height permits.

Application & Dosage

Suitable crop All crops
Organic/ Inorganic Organic
Composition All micronutrients and some beneficial microorganisms
Available form Liquid
Solubility in water Soluble
Method of application Drenching, spraying and drip
Drenching 5 litre for 500 litre of water
For Foliar Application 10 ml per litre of water
Broadcasting 50 kg of soil mixed with 5 kg of Dr. Soil Health
Unique feature Improves the growth of plants

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