Neem Products

Neem Oil

Neem oil is pest repellent & water soluble, which is harvested from the neem trees seeds and leaves. Neem oil works as both a pesticide (effective against arthropod pests) and a fungicide (controls common fungi). Neem oil is a safe and effective organic solution to your most difficult-to-manage infestations. Neem oil insecticide does not create a dead zone (unlike synthetic pesticides) around treated plants but it targets only leaf-sucking and chewing insects. Neem oil encourages earthworm activity unlike traditional chemical pesticides which can harm earthworms. Neem oil is the pesticide of choice for organic agriculturists. Application & dosage of Ashirwad neem oil: 4 ml neem oil per litre of water.

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Neem Sticol

Neem Sticol is a uniquely formulated wetting agent powered with the benefits of Neem. With Azadirachtin as its vital component this product has the property of a pesticide as well as of an insecticide. This highly effective organic adjuvant - pesticide combination can control wide range of destructive pests and various insects that sucks the sap or chews on the vegetative parts. Advantages of this product it acts as a pesticide as it sticks to the target areas of the plants. Application & dosage of
Neem Sticol: 2.5 ml neem sticol per litre of ready mix of water.

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Neem Powder

Neem powder is made from neem trees seeds and leaves, which is pest repellent. Neem powder is an organic manure, which enriches the soil & reduces the nitrogen loss. Neem powder fertilize the soil by extending the availability of nitrogen and help control nematodes, white ants and grubs and also encourages earthworm activity. Neem powder contains natural NPK & micronutrients (Ca, Mg, S, and Zn etc.).

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