Weedof is a unique product produced by Apar Organic Fertilizers and it is a post emergent fertilizer, which is suitable to use for all crops. Weedof is proven to be totally organic in nature and it contains cow urine and plants extracts.

Composition: Cow urine and plant extract

Application and dosage: Weedof is used as per 1ml/lit of water. The best method of application is proven to be spraying.

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FSI is one of the major suppliers of Ayurvedic herbicides for all crops and vegetables across the globe. Herbicide FSI controls all types of harmful weeds and unwanted grasses found in crops and vegetables. FSI acts as both pre and post emergent herbicide.

Composition: FSI contains many organic extracts like garlic, tulsi, dried leaves and herbal ingredients.

Application and dosage: 2.5 gms per lit of water is recommended (or) 250 gms per acre and this dosage has to be repeated once in a month for the best results.

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Weed-X is a unique botanical-based product organic weedicide. Weed-X is glyphosate-free so it is non residual to the soil and non-toxic to human beings and animals. Weed-X controls a wide range of common weeds & grasses including commelina benghalensis, cyperus rotundus, digitaria longiflora, echinochloa sp, euphorbia hirta, phylanthus niruri & trianthema portulacastrum of narrow leaf & broad leaf weeds.

Composition: Go Amruth (Desi cow urine) 20% w/v, Rubusidaeus 0.02% w/v, simplex perfoliate 0.02% w/v, urticadioica 0.02% w/v, cheilocostusspeciosus 0.02% w/v, stephanniaelegens 0.02% w/v and fillers & stabilizers 79.9% w/v.

Application and dosage: Add 15ml per liter of water or Add 200 ml of Weed-X into 15 liters spray pump & spray during the morning in the presence of sunlight. There shall not rained and watered before and after 4 hours of spray & for best result mix neem sticol (gum/spreader) and do not be mix with other products.

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