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Aquafert SOP

Aquafert SOP

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Aquafert SOP, or Sulfate of Potash, is a chemically formulated fertilizer designed to provide crucial nutrients to plants with NPK ratio of 00:00:50. It is a product of Rallis India Ltd. and typically available in various form. This chemical fertilizer is employed to address potassium and sulfur deficiencies in a wide range of crops including fruits, vegetables, grains, and cash crops, particularly benefiting those with substantial potassium and sulfur requirements. Aquafert SOP plays critical roles in plant processes like photosynthesis, enzyme activation, and water uptake, ultimately enhancing crop growth, fruit development, and overall quality.


Aquafert SOP predominantly comprises with the potassium content of >50%, while sulfur content typically ranges from 17% to 18%. Chemical fertilizers offer precise nutrient delivery, rapid nutrient availability, increased crop yields and quality, and enhanced nutrient use efficiency. Application methods vary depending on crop type, soil conditions, and nutrient needs, encompassing soil application by either drenching or drip during planting or topdressing at a rate of 10 kg/acre, and foliar application by dissolving Aquafert SOP in water and spraying it onto plant leaves at a rate of 5g/lit or 200 lit/acre.


Suitable crops

Mango & Grapes

Organic/ Chemical




Available form


Solubility in water

Water soluble

Foliar spray

5 gm/ Ltr

Spray volume

400-600 Ltr/ acre