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Folibor is a high-potency boron fertilizer with 20% boron content, specifically formulated by Coramandel International Ltd for efficient foliar and fertigation applications. Available in a convenient powder form, it facilitates easy use through foliar spraying and fertigation methods. Folibor has exceptional water solubility, ensuring rapid dissolution even in cold temperatures or dense liquids. Folibor's compatibility with a broad spectrum of pesticides makes it versatile and suitable for various agricultural practices. When employed as a foliar spray, it is advisable to the farmers to create a solution by mixing 1-1.5 grams of Folibor per liter of water and applying it 2-3 times during critical crop growth stages. For fertigation, a rate of 500 grams per acre should be applied 2-3 times during pivotal crop growth phases to facilitate optimal boron absorption through both leaves and roots.


Folibor is well-suited for a range of crops, including fruits, vegetables and more. Its high boron concentration plays a vital role in enhancing crop development, aiding in processes like flowering, fruit set, and overall plant health. The rapid solubility of Folibor ensures that boron is efficiently delivered to plants, resulting in improved crop quality and yield. Its compatibility with pesticides simplifies application, offering farmers a convenient solution for addressing boron deficiencies and promoting crop growth.



Coramandel International Ltd

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All crops

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Solubility in water


Method of application

Foliar spray

Application dosage

1 gm /litre of water

Quantity per acre

500 gms