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Altraset, a unique soil conditioner enriched with natural minerals, primarily calcium, sulfur, and magnesium (in the form of CaSO4.2H2O), sourced from mines. What distinguishes Altra set is its foundation in natural minerals, facilitating seamless integration with soil and delivering enduring benefits. It excels in neutralizing soil acidity, maintaining soil porosity, and aiding in desalination. Calcium, a key component, increases base saturation within the clay colloid complex, elevates pH levels in acidic soils, and supports root tip function and nutrient absorption. Magnesium enhances base saturation and chlorophyll formation, essential for photosynthesis, while sulfur decreases soil alkalinity, promoting acidity and aiding in amino acid and oil synthesis.


Altraset typically contains 18-22% calcium, 3-5% magnesium, and 5-10% sulfur. Recommended dosages range from 100 to 200 kg per acre, making it versatile for various crops, including arecanut, coconut, and horticultural plants. Altraset offers multifaceted benefits, including essential nutrient provision (Ca, Mg, S), soil acidity control, enhanced porosity, and improved plant growth. It also excels in desalting soil, making it ideal for saline-prone areas. Altraset's enduring performance and eco-friendly attributes contribute to healthier, more productive crops while promoting soil quality and sustainability in agriculture.



Amruth Organics

Suitable Crop

Arecanut, Coconut & Horticultural crops




Ca: 18-22%, Mg: 3 to 5% & Sulphur: 5 to 10%.

Available form


Soil Application

100 to 200 kg/ acre.