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Amino Gold

Amino Gold

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Amino Gold is an organic solution for enhancing plant growth and crop productivity. Comprising primarily of amino acid and protein hydrolysate derivatives (25%) with other solvents (75%), Amino Gold plays a pivotal role in nurturing robust plant development and maximizing crop yield potential. One of the standout features of Amino Gold is its profound impact on plant growth. By facilitating essential nutrient uptake and promoting metabolic processes, it stimulates vigorous vegetative growth, encourages root development, and enhances disease resistance in plants. Amino Gold offers versatility in its application methods, including soil drenching, foliar spraying, and drip irrigation, making it suitable for a wide range of crops.


Amino Gold's recommended dosage varies based on crop type and growth stage, typically ranging from 1 to 3 ml per lit of water, allowing for tailored application to meet specific crop requirements. A unique feature of Amino Gold is its capability to enhance plant stress tolerance, enabling crops to thrive under adverse conditions such as drought or disease pressure. This attribute contributes to crop resilience and ensures consistent yields, even in challenging environmental circumstances. In summary, Amino Gold emerges as an exceptional solution for farmers aiming to optimize plant growth, improve crop quality, and achieve higher yields.



Samarth Bio Tech Ltd.

Suitable crops

All crops

Organic/ Inorganic



Amino acid and protein hydrolysate derivatives: 25%

Available form


Solubility in water


Method of application

Drenching, broadcast and foliar spray

Application dosage

3 ml/ 1 Ltr of Water

Quantity per acre

1 Ltr