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Amruth Banana Microbial Consortia

Amruth Banana Microbial Consortia

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Amruth Banana Microbial Consortia (BMC) is a specially formulated liquid bio-fertilizer containing essential nutrients and plant growth-promoting microorganisms. This organic and bio fertilizer plays a crucial role in plant growth by promoting early shooting, accelerating fruit maturation, and enhancing the microbial population in the rhizosphere. Its microorganisms convert non-available forms of NPK into readily available ones, revitalizing soil fertility, improving nutrient mobilization, and increasing disease resistance and stress tolerance. As a result, crops treated with Amruth BMC often experience a significant yield increase, typically ranging from 10% to 20%.


Banana Microbial Consortia offers versatile application methods to cater to various agricultural needs. For soil treatment, 5 liters of Amruth BMC per acre applied through drip irrigation, with two applications per year, is recommended. Alternatively, mixing 5 liters of BMC with 300-400 kg of Amruth Gold or FYM and applying it at a rate of 1-2 kg per plant can be highly effective. For banana sucker treatment, a mixture of 500 ml of BMC in one liter of water is recommended for treating suckers for up to 20 minutes. Additionally, Amruth BMC can be prepared by mixing 5 liters with 200 liters of Jeevamrutha, allowing it to rest for four days with regular stirring, and then applying the prepared consortia to banana plantations. These flexible application methods make BMC a valuable asset for optimizing plant growth and overall crop health for the farmers.



Amruth Organics

Suitable crops


Organic/ Inorganic



Azotobacter sp, Bacillus sp & Bacterial Strains

Available form


Solubility in water


Method of application

Drenching/ broadcast and foliar spray

Application dosage

Mix 5 lit of solution in 200 lit of water + 3 kg jaggery + 1 kg gram flour and leave for four days in optimum condition with regular stirring then apply 500 ml of prepared consortia to each plant (10ml / Ltr of water)

Quantity per acre

5 Ltr