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Amruth Sugarcane Microbial Consortia

Amruth Sugarcane Microbial Consortia

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Amruth Sugarcane Microbial Consortia (Amruth SMC) is a groundbreaking organic and bio fertilizer enriched with plant growth-promoting microorganisms designed to revolutionize crop nutrition while reducing the reliance on chemical fertilizers. This innovative product features a balanced blend of Azotobacter sp., Bacillus sp., and Frateuria sp., with adjuvants comprising 1%, while microbes and culture media constitute 98-99% of its composition. Together, these components work harmoniously to enhance nutrient availability for crops, significantly reducing the need for chemical fertilizers by up to 30%. SMC’s advantages are multifaceted. It effectively addresses the substantial nitrogen requirements of sugarcane plants, promoting robust growth and development.


Moreover, Amruth Sugarcane Microbial Consortia pre-planting application optimizes nutrient application rates without compromising crop yield or quality. The product transforms essential nutrients into readily available forms and simultaneously enhances soil porosity and water-holding capacity. This results in a remarkable increase in crop yield by 10-20% to the farmers. Sugarcane Microbial Consortia offers versatile application methods, including stalk treatment and soil treatment. For stalk treatment, a solution of 500 ml of Sugarcane Special mixed with 1 liter of water is recommended, allowing the required stalks to soak for 20-30 minutes before planting. As for soil treatment, the application of 5 liters of Amruth SMC per acre through drip or venture systems promotes sustainable and efficient nutrient management in agriculture. This organic solution promises to reshape nutrient utilization in farming practices, benefiting both crops and the environment.



Amruth Organics

Suitable crops


Organic/ Inorganic



Azotobacter sp, bacillous sp. & frateuria sp. adjuvants 1%

Available form


Solubility in water


Method of application

Drenching/ broadcast and foliar spray

Application dosage

Mix 5 lit of solution in 200 lit of water + 3 kg jaggery + 1 kg gram flour and leave for four days in optimum condition with regular stirring then apply 500 ml of prepared consortia to each plant (10ml / Ltr of water)

Quantity per acre

5 Ltrs