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Banana Micronutrient

Banana Micronutrient

Special prize

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Introducing micronutrient along with primary nutrients & bio stimulants for banana crop, our specialized micronutrient formula is exclusively tailored for foliar application, catering to all banana varieties. With an easy dosage of just 3ml per liter of water, it redefines banana farming with its powerful composition. Featuring Zinc (Zn) at 3.0%, Iron (Fe) at 1.5%, and Boron (B) at 0.5%, it is a powerhouse of micronutrients crucial for robust banana plant development.


The advantages are manifold: it kick-starts growth, resulting in elevated yields, fortifies immunity, and builds resistance against pests. Expect bananas with superior quality—enhanced shine, enriched taste, and a luscious texture. It fosters vigorous crop health, enhancing both the size and shape of bananas. Experience the transformation in banana plantation—increased yield, improved quality, and resilient crops. It elevate harvest and savor the satisfaction of cultivating thriving banana crops.



Samarth Bio Tech Ltd.

Suitable crops

Banana crop

Organic/ Inorganic



Zn: 3.0%, Fe: 1.5% and B: 0.5%,

Available form


Solubility in water


Method of application

Drenching/ broadcast and foliar spray

Application dosage

3ml/ Ltr of water

Quantity per acre

5 Ltr