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Reeva 5% EC

Reeva 5% EC

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Reeva 5% EC by Rallis India Ltd. is a potent insecticide containing Lambdacyhalothrin 5% EC, known for its wide-ranging effectiveness in pest control across various crops. This broad-spectrum insecticide exhibits multiple modes of action, functioning as a sodium channel blocker, fumigant, and repellent. Reeva's primary role is to combat a diverse array of pests, including mosquitoes, flies, aphids, and caterpillars, making it an indispensable tool for pest management in agriculture. Reeva 5% unique feature is its organic nature, which ensures minimal harm to beneficial insects and wildlife, aligning it with sustainable pest management practices.


The ease of application and excellent crop compatibility make it a reliable choice for pest control, safeguarding crops such as cotton against bollworms and jassids, rice against leaf folders, stem borers, GLH, gall midge, hispa, and thrips, brinjal against shoot and fruit borers, and tomatoes against fruit borers. The use of Reeva 5% EC provides a powerful and quick solution to pest infestations, ensuring crop protection, minimizing yield loss, and promoting resource-efficient and cost-effective pest management practices.



Rallis India Ltd.

Effective against pest/disease

Bollworms, Jassids, thrips, Leaf folder, Stem borer, GLH, Gall midge, Hispa, Shoot and Fruit borer, Pod Borer, Pod fly, Thrips, mite, fruit borer, leaf hopper & leaf miner

Organic/ Inorganic



Lambdacyhalothrin 5% EC

Available form


Solubility in Water


Method of application

Foliar Spray

Application dosage

1.5 ml/ Ltr of water

Suitable crop

Cotton, rice, chilli, tomato, onion, mango, tur