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Alderm is an organic solution with its unique formulation, primarily comprising a minimum of 1.50% Trichoderma viride spores (1x108 CFUs/ml), complemented by a growth medium featuring osmotic stabilizers and dispersal agents, constituting the remaining 98.50%. Alderm takes advantage of Trichoderma viride, an antagonistic fungus. Serving as a preventive biological fungicide, it employs rapid growth to coil around and penetrate pathogens, extracting nutrients and ultimately causing their death. This exceptional bio fungicide offers long-lasting control against a range of destructive pathogens, including pythium, fusarium sp., botrytis cinerea, and sclerotinia, responsible for root rot, seedling rot, and other fungal diseases in crops.


Alderm finds versatile application across a wide spectrum of crops. It is available in a various form suitable for soil application and foliar spray methods. To utilize Alderm effectively, farmers can mix 2-3 ml per liter of water for soil treatment, seed treatment, drip irrigation, or FYM. For individual plants, a solution of 2 ml per liter of water can be applied directly to the soil. It's important to note that Trichoderma viride should not be used in mushroom cultivation, as it can cause diseases in mushrooms. With its potent disease-fighting properties and broad applicability, Alderm emerges as a valuable asset for farmers seeking sustainable and effective crop protection solutions.



Amruth Organics

Effective against

Root rot , damping off, wilting, Charcoal rot, other seed borne and soil borne fungal diseases in crops

Organic/ Inorganic



"Trichoderma viride sp & Growth Media & Dispersal agent"

Available form


Solubility in Water


Method of application

Drenching and Foliar spray

Application dosage

4 ml/ Ltr of water

Suitable crops

All crops