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Navrathna, herbal based biotic stress inhibitor and alleviator, inhibits plant pathogens like rust, blight, mildew, rot, wilt and leaf curl virus and makes the plants resilient. Navaratna's composition is marine algae extract gel 30%, humic acid 12%, fulvic acid 5%, silica (SiO2) 5%, amino acids & hydrolysed proteins 10%, moringa oleifera, clove & other herbal extract 20%, plant secondary metabolites 15% & adjuvants 3%. Navrathna is a versatile pest management solution with a three-fold action strategy, which includes inhibiting pathogens, activating systemic acquired resistance (SAR) in plants, and controlling disease-spreading vectors.


The recommended application rate of Navrathna is 5 gram per liter of water, making it suitable for both foliar spray and drenching applications for a wide range of crops. It is conveniently available in two package sizes: 500 gm and 1000 gm. This unique combination not only deters pathogens but also nurtures plant health and growth. With its broad-spectrum properties, Navaratna offers farmers higher yields, improved crop quality, and a reliable defense against pathogens, especially in plantations, fruits and vegetables, and other field crops.



Samarth Bio tech Ltd.

Effective against

Helping against Fungus, bateria & virus




Marine algae extract gel 30%, humic acid 12%, fulvic acid 5%, herbal extracts-20% & others.

Systemic v/s contact

Both Contact & Systemic

Available form


Solubility in Water


Foliar Spray

2-3 gm/ Ltr of water

Drip & Drenching

4-5 gm/ Ltr of water