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Akshya Areca Special

Akshya Areca Special

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Akshaya Areca Special is a specialized organic and bio fertilizer meticulously designed to address the distinct requirements of areca nut crop. This organic manure is tailored to promote both better yields and plant health. Akshaya Areca Special is the result of a natural composting process that combines various agricultural waste sources, resulting in a nutrient-rich composition uniquely suited to the crop's needs. Additionally, it incorporates beneficial soil microbes that enhance plant vitality and disease resistance, ultimately leading to increased crop productivity. What sets Akshaya Areca Special apart is its ability to deliver macro and micronutrients in a completely organic form, further fortified with a neem coating during manufacturing.


This coating ensures the gradual release of nutrients, providing lasting benefits to the plant. Available in granule and powder forms, Akshaya Areca Special offers versatile application options. In terms of chemical composition, it contains 1.8% nitrogen, 2.08% phosphorus, 2.40% potash, and 7.09% organic carbon, with a moisture content of 22%. With a pH level of 6.07 and a C:N ratio of 20:1, this adike special is recommended at a dosage of 1 to 2 kg per plant and is also suitable for a range of other crops such as banana, pepper, and betel leaves. This makes it an ideal choice for farmers seeking to improve crop health and yield through organic and sustainable means.



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Nitrogen- 1.8%, Phosphorous- 2.08%, Potash- 2.40%, Organic corbon- 7.09%, Moisture- 22%, pH-6.07 & CN Ratio - 20:1

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