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Spirusan is a bio stimulant for crop vigour & yield. Spirusan Comprising 40% protein hydrolysates, 6% blue-green algae extract, and 54% solvents and other growth-promoting substances. Spirusan is designed to stimulate plant metabolism, leading to the production of beneficial enzymes and bolstering plants resilience against both biotic and abiotic stress factors. Its primary objective is to enrich the soil by infusing it with essential nutrients and organic matter, fostering an environment conducive to robust plant growth. An exceptional attribute of Spirusan lies in its ability to improve soil structure and fertility. By boosting microbial activity and nutrient retention, it enables plants to more efficiently absorb essential elements, resulting in healthier, more resilient plants and increased crop yields. Furthermore, Spirusan contributes to sustainable agriculture by reducing the need for chemical fertilizers.


A unique feature of Spirusan is its capacity to enhance soil water retention, ensuring consistent moisture levels for plants, even in drought conditions. This not only enhances crop resilience but also conserves water resources, aligning perfectly with environmentally conscious farming practices. Spirusan is an ideal choice for short-term crops, offering a rapid and effective organic solution. Spirusan versatile application methods, including foliar spray, drip irrigation, and drenching, make it suitable for all crop types. Spirusan dosage will be 1-2 ml / litre of water. In particular, short-term crops like vegetables stand to benefit significantly from this innovative bio stimulant.



Samarth Bio Tech Ltd.

Suitable crops

All crops

Organic/ Inorganic



Protein hydrolysates: 40% and Blue green algae extract: 6%

Available form


Solubility in water


Method of application

Drenching, broadcast and foliar spray

Application dosage

2 ml/ Ltr of water

Quantity per acre

1 Ltr